We are currently working to migrate from magento to shopify and I am having difficulty creating a channel that would match the compatible template from shopify.
There are a few elements that I can't create using the computed attributes. I was hoping to attach the output of my pim channel and the expectations from shopify but I can't attach csv files so I will try to describe.
The main issue is regarding the images. Specifically, shopify requires each image link to have it's own cell distributed vertically. This way a parent product would contain the first image on the line with all the other product information, while each other image link is generated below it. In the same time, the next columns should continue to contain the child product information as well, together with the image links. Finally, each image needs to have a position marker and a description asociated to it(2 more attribute fields that relate to the image field).
The second issue is that I need to generate and URL that is obtained by concatenating a set of attributes that is only defined on the parent product, but the url needs to be the same on the child products so it needs to be imported from the parent instead of generated from the child attributes.
Please let me know if any of this is manageable through computed attributes or other features.
Thank you,